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I have created this Web site to be a guide to Oswestry and Border archaeology and history. It is starting with links to as many relevant WWW sites that I can find but I am hoping that Oswestry-History will also be a home for new content and become much more than just a collection of links. I am thinking here of articles such as those written for student projects or those written for Parish magazines - articles which are often not published permanently for others to enjoy. Have you written about your Oswestry business or family history? Then I would be delighted to link to it or publish it here.

Much information on Oswestry's fascinating past is already available online but is often difficult to locate - often exacerbated by divisions between counties and even countries. This site attempts to draw together these sources to be more visible to any interested party. I would appreciate contact from a Welsh-speaking volunteer that would be willing to translate for a Welsh version.

As a newcomer to the Oswestry area I am finding a great deal of pleasure and interest in exploring a naturally beautiful landscape enriched by reminders of so many people who lived, worked and died here in times gone by.

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Aims and Conditions

The purpose of this site is to promote the history and archaeology of Oswestry and the surrounding Borderland. It is also to provide a home for original short articles on the same subject. Care will be taken to avoid unnecessary duplication and misleading or offensive material. If you find a link or article here which does not meet these aims then please let me know via the feedback page .

As a general principle written material published on Oswestry-History can be freely copied as long as the author and Web site is properly credited. Any material with Copyright not according to this simple principle will be indicated on each page.

Links to other sites are simply selected to meet the above aims. No permissions are sought from the linked sites. There is no obligation to include all submitted links and my appointed editor or myself will make there selection.

Link - Target Objections
If you are responsible for a target Web site or page and you object to an Oswestry-History link then please let me know via the feedback page and the link can be removed.

Content - Submitted Articles
There is no obligation to include all submitted articles and my appointed editor or myself will try to ensure that they meet the above criterior. Articles are only included on the understanding that the author has given their express permission to publish their work on Oswestry-History. The same applies to any drawings or photographs unless it can be demonstrated that they are free of Copyright. Authors are very welcome to opt out of the general principles given above and apply their own Copyright conditions.

There is no charge for the inclusion of advertisements on this site however I reserve the right to change this policy at some time in the future. In any event no charges will be incurred without prior agreement with the advertiser.

The inclusion of advertisements and links on Oswestry-History does not imply any endorsement of products or services provided by these third parties.

Paul N Brown - July 2005

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